We started FAFASD in 2012 because we saw a need for training for parents and professionals in the “NB,” or neurobehavioral approach to FASD. Diane Malbin’s book and trainings through her organization, FASCETS, had impacted the founders of FAFASD so profoundly that we wanted to continue her work and spread the word. Parents, professionals, and individuals with FASDs came together to form a 501c3 organization to provide a framework for outreach, training, and education for our community.

Now, in 2021, it’s become clear that that business structure no longer works for us. FAFASD will continue in its mission, but we’re no longer going to be a non-profit organization for tax purposes. Instead, we’re morphing into a regular corporation, but one with a very clear, socially motivated focus. We will be social entrepreneurs, with FASD education as our focus!

Moving away from 501c3 status means that we will no longer have a board and the burden of paperwork associated with non-profit status, we will be limited in our fundraising activities (good-bye, Facebook fundraisers, we’ll miss you!), but we will still be teaching folks about FASDs from an NB, or brain-based, perspective. In addition, leaving non-profit status behind means that we will be able to take action politically. We are looking forward to figuring out what that will look like as we support our community in the future.

We really appreciate all the support you’ve given to us over the years! We’re ending FAFASD with a smallish amount in our bank accounts; this money is being donated to non-profits with a similar mission as ours, including FASCETS, which was the start of it all. We will still need help financially as we move along, however! We’ve always been committed to affordable (and even free) trainings; to keep this up we will need your support! We’re not sure what that will look like just yet, but when we figure it out, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Changes to FAFASD – from nonprofit to…
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