FAFASD (Families Affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) started its existence as a non-profit organization in 2012. We started because we saw a need for training and education for parents and professionals in research-based best practices for helping people with FASDs. Our director’s story is here – FAFASD was born from frustration and a need for advocacy.

In 2021 we transitioned away from the non-profit model to a socially responsible educational corporation with the exact same mission, plus an additional goal of political and systemic change.

Our mission: to raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) through education, support and research-based training to family members, caregivers, and professionals living with, caring for, and working with individuals with an FASD.

We will do this through:
  • targeted awareness campaigns that focus on the experience of caring for and being a person with FASD;
  • trainings and presentations about best practices for FASD care based on a neuro-behavioral model, for parents, professionals, and the general public; and
  • providing frameworks and models for advocacy in an attempt to
  • breaking down the barriers that have prevented the #1 cause of neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders in North America from becoming widely understood by parents and caregivers, doctors, therapists, mental health professionals, teachers, and the general public.

Adrienne Bashista is the director of FAFASD and main trainer. She is available for workshop presentations on FASD, its impact on families, and best practices for helping children with FASD succeed at home and at school. She has 9 years of training experience and has taught thousands of people about FASDs. She is located in Massachusetts but travels throughout North America.

She is a writer, special needs parent advocate, entrepreneur, and teacher. Her youngest son was diagnosed with FASD in 2011 after searching for answers for 6 years.

For information about our programs or to schedule a workshop, please contact us at fasdfamilies@gmail.com